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The Victory Lap

How Did It Go?

For my fourth week of the carnivore diet, I began to reintroduce carbohydrates. As I mentioned in my last post, the culmination of a month of beef happened when I had a full cheat meal. One that had little to no autoimmune reactions afterward.

My feelings took over at the beginning of the final week. I found myself eating measured amounts of ice cream and Chianti. I was so happy at the results of the previous 3 weeks, I couldn’t help myself. …

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The third week culminated in a test of the ‘healing’ powers of the carnivore diet…

How Did It Go?

Week 3 and, by extension, this month long challenge, is a success. Creative meal planning, strategic cheat meals, continued benefits. It’s all there.

This week, I did not suffer from ennui, thanks to varied recipes. We tried new cuts of meat as well as shabu shabu, where you cook shaved beef in broth at the table.

The same benefits that I have been seeing since the beginning continued this week. Energy all day, no lack of power at the gym. I am less afflicted by…

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Hint: The second week is more difficult…

How Did It Go?

This week presented more challenges than the first week did. Mental challenges were aplenty, though there were physical challenges as well.

For instance, I started the week with low energy and diarrhea due to an imbalance in my fat intake. This required me to take a more involved approach to meal planning.

Life threw a couple of curveballs at me this week. Which lead to two days with fasting windows that stretched longer than 16 hours. Luckily, this diet leaves me feeling so sated that the skipped meal was hardly missing.

To top…

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What I’ve learned after one week of eating only beef, salt, and water.

Going into this, I monitored my mood, energy, sleep, and inflammation-related symptoms (such as gas, bloating, etc…) through daily journaling. I also tracked my food intake via MyFitnessPal.

Read more about why I am doing this below:

How did it go?

Overall, this was a much easier elimination diet to get started on than previous elimination diets. The food is all really tasty and very, I repeat, very filling.

The first thing that I noticed this week is that I’m rarely hungry on this diet. I find myself dealing with boredom…

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I am challenging myself this month is to drastically shift my diet to increase my energy levels and to provide a greater sense of well-being. In order to accomplish this goal, I am going to spend the four weeks of February on the Clean Carnivore Reset (CCR) diet.

What is the Clean Carnivore Reset Diet?

CCR is an elimination diet that follows the mantra “Eat Beef, Drink Water”. In short, it’s the diet most people immediately jump to when they hear that someone is ‘going carnivore’.

Some people try it for two weeks, just to see how it feels. Others will try it for the full ninety…

Starting a diet is tough. Sticking to a diet is tougher.

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Of course, starting from nothing, meaning no control over your diet, taking on a lifestyle change like a healthy diet can seem like a monstrous chore. I know that’s how I felt when I was just reading about it, and not putting it in to practice.

But a diet is more of a journey than a destination. There will be setbacks and roadblocks and detours and even destination changes. Keeping up with it all is a major struggle, especially when the rest of life won’t quit.

It’s in this way that I believe keeping a diet going is tougher than…

Here’s one reason why I struggle with it.

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I was a happy child that loved to make everyone in the room laugh. During my angsty teen years, however, I developed early-onset “grumpy old man” syndrome that never left. I got angry at the slightest of things. Everyone in my house was, and still is, attuned to the sound of my irritated sigh and what it used to indicate.

Worse, when I searched for help, when I began seriously looking in to personal growth and development, all the answers seemed to blame ME. They want ME to do the work and…

The best things in life are worth the risk

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The sun rises on a spring morning. A tad colder than the boy likes but, with all the noise the birds were making, carrying the promise of a warm afternoon.

As he lay in bed, his ears strain, listening for the sounds of someone, anyone, else awake on this particular Saturday morning. He hears nothing. The morning is his! If he plays his hand right, it’ll be a good one too; Mom came home late last night, again.

Bingo night. All those old ladies smoking menthol cigarettes, drinking wine coolers and…

A letter for my mother’s 65th birthday.

berries on a white cake
berries on a white cake
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She died on Valentine’s Day 2016. This is a letter I wrote to her on what would have been her 65th birthday:

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Were you still here, you’d be 65 today. Were you still around, I would tell you that my kids are doing great and so am I.

I would tell you that, after your death, the family let me in on how incredibly sick you were. Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, and an opioid addiction for far longer than I ever supposed. After your passing, we found your journals…

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